We specialise in tailor made holidays and adventure travel in Myanmar (Burma)
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Myanmar Himalaya Tours, Trekking & Expeditions

Village Trekking, Peak Trekking, Special Interest tours and Expeditions

Myanmar Tour Inspirations

Culture & History, Nature & Eco Tours, Indigenous Tours, Beach, Add-ons, Festivals, Special Interest, Tailor made and Group Tours

Myanmar Border Crossings

India, China and Thai borders for border crossing clients with or without foreign registered vehicles

Myanmar Activity Holidays

Cycling, Trekking, Hiking, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Kayaking Motor Biking, Road Trips

Myanmar River Cruises

Scattered with a slew of rivers and waterways, Myanmar is no

Myanmar City Tours, Transfers & Extensions

Explore the city tours, transfers and tour extension programs in Myanmar (Burma) we

Myanmar Travel Services

Balloon Flights, Domestic Flights, Car Hire, Motorbike Hire and Special Travel Permissions

Special Offers

Our current special offers. Contact us for availabilities and also for other tours not listed here. Luxury Sailing Adventures

Classic, Leisure and Cultural Holidays

We design bespoke tailor made travel services in Myanmar for individuals and groups. We provide a ariety of travel services across Myanmar, both mainland and off the beaten treks.  Explore above services and destinations for trip ideas.  We also cater for special interests services such as meditation, photography, filming,outfitting ultimate alpine climbing on the mighty Hkakabo Razi and scientific expeditions to discover new species of rhododendron in Myanmar ...

Tailor Made Holidays Group Tours

Special Adventure Travels

Whilst providing the cultural and leisure holidays across the main destinations in Myanmar, we also specialise in below services travel services that require special permissions or and arrangements.

  • Myanmar border crossing for clients with or without foreign registered vehicles
  • Myanmar Himalaya Expeditions (adventure or scientific explorations)
  • Facilitate ultimate alpine climbing to Mount Hkakabo Razi and Gamlang Razi
  • Other travel services that requires pre permissions from Myanmar Ministries concerned