Myanmar Border Crossings

Below Myanmar borders are open to traveller and foreign registered vehicles. Due to security reasons, traveling through some of the border ports are much more restricted than the others.

Borders Border Ports MTT Permission Meet & Greet Service
Myanmar – China MuSe – Jaegao/ Ruili Required for entry & exit Required for entry & exit
Myanmar – India Tamu – Moreh Required for entry & exit Required for entry only
Myanmar – Thailand Tachileik – Mai Sai
Myawaddy – Mae Sok
Htee Kee – Phunaron
Kawthoung – Ranong
Not required for entry nor exit (*).
Not required for entry nor exit.
Not required for entry nor exit.
Not required for entry nor exit.
Not required for entry nor exit.
Not required for entry nor exit.
Not required for entry nor exit.
Not required for entry nor exit

Vehicular Crossings

All vehicular crossings for travellers with foreign registered vehicles at any of Myanmar border ports require below document. Further document may be requested.

  • MTT permission for both travellers and their own bicycles and foreign registered motorised vehicles
  • Road Authority Transport permission for all motorised vehicles
  • MTT Liaison Officer (for the entire trip in Myanmar) for those bringing motorised vehicles
  • Licensed Tour Guide (for the entire trip in Myanmar)
  • Support vehicles to accommodate the MTT Liaison officer and Licensed Tour guide, if clients do not have spare seats to accommodate them on their motorised vehicles
  • Support vehicle and cycling guide for those cycling the entire trip.


  • All travellers required a passport valid to travel for at least 6 months beyond their trip in Myanmar.
  • All travellers required to obtain a Myanmar Visa in their passport prior to their arrival at border ports, especially for the entry/ arrival at the above border ports. Myanmar border ports cannot process on-arrival-visa or e Visa.
  • (*) As per current local situations and regulations, the 2 day land Travel between Tachileik and Taunggyi/ Inle requires MTT permission and accompanying guide. Although it is allowed to travel on public transport, it’s up to the transport providers as some are not sure about the regulations. Flights between Tachiliek/ Keng Tung and mainland Myanmar (Heho/ Mandalay/ Yangon) take less than a couple of hours, is much cheaper than private hired car and doesn’t require MTT permission.
  • All travellers bringing their own bicycles and motorised vehicles require the licensed tour guide service through out their trip in Myanmar.
  • All travelers should arrange required MTT permissions ideally at least 4 weeks prior to their arrival at or departure from a Myanmar border port.
  • All above information are subject to changes in regulations by the Ministry of Hotel & Tourism and Ministry of Immigration & Population at any time.


Our Services

Our essential packages include MTT permission and Meet & Greet service our clients need for border crossings.
We also provide all required permissions for vehicular crossing for clients and compulsory support services as required by MTT for those who would like to bring their own foreign registered vehicles or bicycles.
We encourage our clients to book their border crossing as early as possible so that they could be ensure all permissions required are obtained well in advanced. We prefer to receive your booking ideally at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival at the border port, and you must provide all required documents at least 3 working weeks in advanced.

Good to know…

  1. Your passport must be valid 6 months beyond your trip in Myanmar.
  2. You must obtain Myanmar Visa in your passport prior to your arrival at the border port, the border port currently cannot handle e Visas and on-arrival Visas.
  3. Those who enter/ depart from the aforementioned International entrances/ exits will be permitted to enter/depart from any International entrances / exits of Myanmar; Nay Pyi Taw International Airport, Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International Airport, Tachileik, Myawaddy, Htee Kee and Kawthaung.
  4. The Visitors are permitted to travel everywhere except the restricted areas designated by the Ministry of Home Affair in its Notification 77/2013 issued on 15-1-2013 ( The list of restricted areas is available at border entrances / exits ). See the list of permitted area for travellers in Myanmar.
  5. Vehicular crossing requires MTT permission for both vehicles and travellers, Road Transport Authority permission, the accompany of a MTT Liaison officer and a licensed tour guide throughout the trip and a support vehicle to carry them unless clients have two spare seats on their vehicles.


Myanmar Border Crossing Services

We services cover your essential requirements, on which you can add other travel requirements.

  1. MTT Permission only (for overland travel between Taunggyi and Tachileik on a Myanmar registered vehicle).
  2. MTT Permission and assisting tour guide (for arrival in Myanmar via Tamu-Moreh and Muse-Jaegao/ Ruili borders).
  3. MTT Permission, Road Authority Transport permission, assisting tour guide, MTT Liaison officer and support vehicle if required for vehicular crossing when clients bring a foreign registered vehicle to travel through Myanmar borders.

We can assist with private transfers on request.


Quotation for Myanmar Border Crossing

Please ensure you provide below essential information when inquiring, so that we can provide you a much more precise quote on our services.

  • Number of people in the booking
  • Your tentative itinerary especially arrival and departure dates
  • Border ports of entry or exit or both, with onward location or start point
  • If you are bringing your own vehicle, the number of spare seat(s) on your vehicle.

Documents required for border crossing permission applications

In order to submit the permission application for Myanmar border crossing, applicants are required to submit below documents, providing all the requested detail information as precisely as possible. Ideally, clients should provide these documents at least 4 weeks in advanced.

  1. A clear and good quality scanned copy of applicant passport; front cover page and bio-data/ photo page.
  2. Planned Itinerary in Myanmar (please provide exact itinerary if possible, applicants must arrive or depart Myanmar on the date specified on the application, it is complicated and costs extra to make changes).
  3. Below personal details:
    a) Full Name as appear in passport
    b) Passport Number
    c) Passport Issue Date
    d) Passport Expiry Date
    e) Place of Issue
    f) Issuing Authority
    g) Nationality
    h) Date of Birth
    i) Place of Birth
    j) Gender
    k) Occupation
    l) Detail Itineraries/ Details of the Tour Plan in Myanmar

If you are bringing your foreign registered vehicle, you also need to submit below documents along with the above. MTT may ask for more documents during the application.

  1. Vehicle registration (e.g. V5 Form for UK Registered Cars)
  2. Vehicle details (Make, Model, Engine Power, Weight)
  3. Good quality colour photograph of the vehicle from all 4 sites.
  4. Valid driver licenses of all drivers


Vehicular Crossings for clients who wants to bring foreign registered vehicles with them

For the aforementioned clients, we are required to provide the MTT Liaison officer and a licensed guide within the restricted zones. If you do not have at least two spare seats on your vehicles, we will have to provide a support vehicle at an extra costs.

See the list of permitted area for travellers in Myanmar.


1. Can I travel on a public transport/ buses?

Thai Borders:
Travellers can travel freely travel overland on their choice of transport to and from Thai borders, except for Tachileik/ Mai Sai Thai border. Travelers do not need a MTT permission to arrive or depart Tachileik border so long as they travel to and from the border via air, there are flights between Tachileik and mainland Myanmar (Heho/ Mandalay/ Yangon). However MTT permission is required to travel overland between Taunggyi and Tachileik on a privately hired car, with or without the accompany of a licensed tour guide. It is not possible to travel overland on a public transport between Taunggyi and Tachileik at this moment. Although this may change in the future.
China Border (Muse/ Jaegao-Ruili) and Indian Border (Tamu/ Moreh):
If arriving in Myanmar via above border ports, clients require a MTT permission letter and a licensed tour guide to receive the clients at the border gate. As per recent changes, escorted private transfer by the tour guide is not a compulsory requirement anymore. Travellers can take public transports, coaches, shared taxis and privately hired cars. Travellers can travel to the main land with or without the accompany of the guide.As per recent changes, travelers no longer require MTT permit to depart Myanmar via above border ports.


2. How long does the immigration clearance take at the border gate?

Entry clearance may varies, it usually takes about 10-15 minutes. However, there are a few cases when the entry clearance took up to a few hours. Exit clearance are usually quicker.For entry clearance with MTT permission at China or India borders, the assisting guide will present all the paper work to the border port in advanced before your planned arrival time. After the immigration and Custom clearances, the guide can also help with organising transports etc whether you travel to the main land with them or not.


3. When is the best time to arrive at the border gate for the entry?

We suggest that you arrive as early as possible at the border port, between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. Below are the estimated driving time between destinations. Please note that bigger vehicles may take longer.

MuSe to Lashio: 7.5 hours
MuSe to Mandalay: 11 hours
Tamu to Kalay: 3-4 hours
Tamu to Monywa: 12-13 hours
Monywa to Mandalay: 3-3.5 hours
Yangon to Hpa-An: 6 hours
Hpa-An to Myawaddy: 11-12 hours


4. What are the Custom procedures?

See Myanmar Customs website for details all foreign travellers need to comply with. This applies at any port, international airports in major cities and the border ports with its neighboring countries.


5. I want to cycle all the way from the border, is it possible?

It is possible on some routes within the restricted zones. However, for some routes we recommend you to be on the public or privately hired transport vehicle for your safety. Under current industry regulation, we are still required to provide a support vehicle, a MTT Liaison officer and the licensed guide to escort the cycling clients within the restricted zone or throughout the entire trip depending on the itinerary (e.g. enter from one border and exit via another border port).


6. What are the estimated driving times?

Below are the estimated driving time between destinations which are featured in our sample border crossing itineraries. These will vary depends on the weather, road and local conditions. Please note that bigger vehicles may take longer.


Destinations Estimated driving time
Mandalay – Mu Se 10 – 12 hours
Lashio – Mu Se 3 hours
Lashio – Hsipaw 2 hours
Hsipaw – Pyin Oo Lwin 4 hours
Pyin Oo Lwin – Mandalay 2 hours
Tamu – Kalay 3 – 4 hours
Kalay – Monywa 7 – 8 hours
Monywa – Mandalay 3 – 4 hours
Tamu – Monywa 14 hours plus
Kalay – Mandalay 10 hours
Mandalay – Bagan 6.5 hours
Bagan – Inle Lake 6.5 hours
Inle Lake – Hsipaw 6 hours
Inle Lake – Taunggyi 45 minutes
Inle Lake – Khun Eain Village 8.5 hours
Khun Eain Village – Kengtung 7.5 hours
Kengtung – Tachileik 3 – 4 hours
Yangon – Inle Lake 11 – 12 hours
Yangon – Kyaiktiyo 4 – 5 hours
Kyaiktiyo – Hpa An 2.5 – 3 hours
Yangon – Hpa-An 5.5 to 6 hours
Hpa-An – Myawaddy 2 – 2.5 hours
Yangon – Myawaddy 7 – 8 hours