How to Book

Booking and Payments

  1. Check our sample itinerary and send us your chosen travel plan, group size, level of accommodation, preferred modes of transports (flights, overland, river ways) , travel dates and all other requirements for a quote. Upon receiving the quotation, you have a few weeks to make a final decision.

We currently do not offer the international flights, see here (link to a subpage of Travel Information) for the carriers who fly to Myanmar (Burma). Customers are required to ensure that they have all required travel documents such as valid passports and visa as well as a sufficient travel insurance cover.


  1. In order to book the travel services, clients are required to complete and sing our booking form and make a deposit (25% of the total costs) or full costs if booking less than 4 weeks prior to travel date. Once we received the deposit or full payment, we will send your booking confirmation and the invoice for the remainder balance which is due 6 weeks prior to your departure date.


  1. The remaining balance needs to be settled 6 weeks prior to your departure date.


  1. Upon receiving the full amount for your trip, we will provide Service Confirmation of all travel services you have booked with us. We will also send you the general travel information and specific information depending on your itineraries. We may also need you to complete indemnity and liability release forms for some of the travel activities, e.g. travel to remote frontiers in Myanmar and outdoor activities.


  1. Although our quotations & prices are in US$, we can also accept the payments in GBP. Please contact us for the amount in GBP.

We accept all major debit and credit cards via paypal, paypal payments and bank transfers. Card payments and paypal transfer incur a charge of 2%.  In case of payments by bank transfers, clients need to ensure that the net amount is transferred and all transfer charges their bank may apply are debited from their account.

Click here to see our Booking Terms and Conditions