Dungawnmai Flora and Fauna Expedition

(30night 31day cultural, nature and trekking adventure, Challenging to Tough)

Grade: Challenging to Tough
Duration: 30nights 31days, 24 days trekking, 4 days truck riding
Coverage: Putao – Pannandim – Dazungdum – Dahaungdum – Dungawanmai – Putao
Highlight: Hard Trek through Hkakabo Razi National Park, Climbing Expedition/ Alpine Climbing, villages, cultural tour, eco- and indigenous tourism
Accommodation: Local village homes (24 nights) – guesthouses may be used, camping in the wilderness (6 nights)
Meal: Full board meal during the trek as per itinerary
Best Season: October to May
Departure: Fridays and Sundays

Contact us for special offers and tailor made itineraries, different departure dates, accommodation options and extensions during, pre and post expedition.

Brief Itinerary

Day-1 (Friday/ Sunday): Putao – Salundam
Day-2 (Saturday/ Monday): Truck ride to Htang Ga*
Day-3 (Sunday/ Tuesday): Truck ride to Ratbaw*
Day-4 (Monday/ Wednesday): Trek to Langsahtu
Day-5 (Tuesday/ Thursday): Trek to Gawle Htu
Day-6 (Wednesday/ Friday): Trek to Shinshanghku
Day-7 (Thursday/ Saturday): Trek to Pannamdim
Day-8 (Friday/ Sunday): Trek to Lonat
Day-9 (Saturday/ Monday): Trek to Ngawa
Day-10 (Sunday/ Tuesday): Trek to Wangsiwang
Day-11 (Monday/ Wednesday): Trek to Gawai
Day-12 (Tuesday/ Thursday): Trek to Dazungdum
Day-13 (Wednesday/ Friday): Trek to Tashutu.
Day-14 (Thursday/ Saturday): Trek to DalamU.
Day-15 (Friday/ Sunday): Trek to TasuU.
Day-16 (Saturday/ Monday): Trek to Dumgawnmai.
Day-17 (Sunday/ Tuesday): Dumgawnmai Exploration.
Day-18 (Monday/ Wednesday): Trek to Shatinglong.
Day-19 (Tuesday/ Thursday): Trek to Tasu U.
Day-20 (Wednesday/ Friday): Trek to Tashutu.
Day-21 (Thursday/ Saturday): Trek to Dahaungdum.
Day-22 (Friday/ Sunday): Trek to Dazungdum.
Day-23 (Saturday/ Monday): Trek to Gawai.
Day-24 (Sunday/ Tuesday): Trek to Nag Wa.
Day-25 (Monday/ Wednesday): Trek to Bang Nam Dim.
Day-26 (Tuesday/ Thursday): Trek to Gawle Htu.
Day-27 (Wednesday/ Friday): Trek to Ratbaw
Day-28 (Thursday/ Saturday): Truck ride to Htang Ga*
Day-29 (Friday/ Sunday): Truck ride to Machanbaw*
Day-30 (Saturday/ Monday): Salundam/ Putao
Day-31 (Sunday/ Tuesday): Putao (departure)
* Please note that unpaved road between Putao and Ratbaw is not usable during the monsoon and post monsoon until December. The safest and main mode of travel outside this time is by trekking. In some cases, motorbikes may be able to go on these roads before December of the year. We recommend to add at least 4-6 extra days trekking to the above itinerary if you are looking to travel between August and December of the year.

This is the sample and the actual itinerary may vary.
We reserves the right to change the itineraries (rearranging the order of the tour programs, to cancel or substitute places to visit or to combine to make decent group size if there is a shortage of trek leaders and support staff) at any time without prior notice depending on the weather, operational and local conditions.

Contact us for special offers, tailor made requirements, accommodation options, pre and post tour travel services and extensions.

Detailed Itinerary

Detailed itinerary is available upon request.


This itinerary is currently available for tailor made tour only. Quotation & prices can be given upon enquiry.

1PAX 2PAX 3PAX 4PAX 5PAX 6PAX 7PAX 8PAX 9PAX 10PAX 11PAX 12PAX Single Supplement
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Contact us if you want to tailor made this service and want different departure dates, extensions and accommodation options (Lodges, Hotels, Guesthouses, Homestay). Please note that airlines operates flights between Putao and main land Myanmar on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, which may be changed without prior notice.
Service includes:

  • Ground transport (coach, jeep, truck)
  • Accommodation (village homes/ guesthouses & camping)
  • Escorted English language trail leader & porters and cooks if necessary
  • Full board meal, safe drinking water
  • Permission to travel in Putao and Myanmar Himalayas

Service excludes:

  • Domestic airfare (we can arrange flights to and from Putao)
  • Travel insurance
  • Expenditure on personal nature such as laundry, beverages, gratitude to guides & porters
  • Any service items not mentioned in price inclusion above.

Domestic Flights

Current season air fares between Putao and Yangon, Mandalay and Myitkyinar are US$245, US$150 and US$100 per person each way and subject to changes by airlines for the following seasons. We can arrange your flights on request.


Pre and post expedition travel services

Hotels, airport transfers and other excursions before or after your arrival in Putao for our Myanmar Himalaya Tours. We can arrange these services on request.


Travel Insurance

It is client’s responsibility to ensure that they take a suitable travel insurance that covers for their activity and the destination.

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