Irina Khatakterova (Wild Animals Safari Ltd, Moscow, Russia). February 2019

Dear Myanmar City Star Travel team who has outfitted our trip to Myanmar in February 2019,

Thank you very, very much and let me just say it again.
When you travel not as a tourist but as a photo traveler, as a group of professionals, the outcome of your trip is the photos you’ve managed to make. Or – did not manage. Our aim was not to “visit”, “see”, “experience” and “try something new”. For a professional team, which carries about 100 kg of equipment only, the result is the collection of images taken. And there are so many things to consider: location, timing, lights, weather… In short, you guys have done an outstanding job helping us to prepare for this trip.
When it just emerged as an idea – to travel to Myanmar to make photos of long-necked women and people with tatooed faces, we did not know anything. Where to go? Who to trust in Myanmar? Will any of these people be ready to cooperate and pose for our photos? What are the names of these tribes, actually??? Will it not just end as an epic fail if we come and nothing is prepared for our team and we will need to arrange everything on site? So many questions and hesitations.
I’ve negotiated with a few companies and only Myanmar City Star was really listening to our demands. What put you apart from the beginning: you did not try to sell your typical products, you were helping me to create a new one – exactly matching our goals.
During past 10 years, I have set a good number of very challenging, very demanding expeditions to a very remote corners of the world, so I definitely have this experience to say: you guys have set up a new standard. I have never before been given that detailed information on a daily schedule. We knew exactly how many people of the specific tribes have given their kind consent to work with us, we knew exactly what to expect, where and how we’re going to work to achieve the result we needed.
It was amazing and absolutely flawless journey and we obtained absolutely unique photographs.
Bravo, Myanmar City Star. I shall not hesitate to recommend your highly professional team to anyone travelling to Myanmar.

Irina Khatakterova (Wild Animals Safari Ltd, Moscow, Russia)

NOTE: A team of 5 professional photographers from Wild Animal Safari Ltd took on an assignment to capture images of long neck Padaung women in Panpet Villages near Loikaw in Kayah States and the tatooed faced ladies of Mon Chin and Makann Chin tribes in remote villages between Kanpetlet and Mindat in Chin State, requiring a minimum average of 20 different individual on each photo session day.